The Boys Take a Trip to Global Wildlife

January 15, 2023

The Boys Take a Trip to Global Wildlife

Global Wildlife is one of the largest free-roaming wildlife preserves of its kind in the country. Located in Folsom, Louisiana, only a few miles away from the Boys Ranch, the trip provides an enriching experience for residents. With hundreds of acres to explore, our boys hopped on the shuttle to feed several species like giraffes and zebras as the animals walk right up to the vehicle.

Not all visitors are lucky enough to have each animal walk up for feeding but the boys had the opportunity to feed several Reticulated Giraffes. It is a surreal experience to watch an 18 foot tall giraffe crane down for a snack.

The boys are also able to learn key animal facts as tour guides give info on each animal that approaches which creates a very engaging envvironment, a key aspect of learning for boys overcoming trauma.

These animals provide a fun afternoon as well as an unforgettable experience for boys in need of some lifelong memories.

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