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Donor support is vital to sustaining and expanding the scope of our work. We are not able to do what we do without our donors and supporters. The financial and societal hardships of our current world leave many boys in need of our services, yet their families are unable to afford the tuition. We get many calls from single moms, grandmothers, and other kin who are in desperate need of our services but cannot pay for the care required. While our model of operation has proven successful, it requires the services of professional staff, such as social workers, teachers, and a registered nurse. These considerations, along with the daily expenses inherent in feeding, clothing, educating, and providing recreational activities for 15 teenage boys, result in an ever-increasing cost to maintain operations.

Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to offer reduced tuition for families in need, as well as programs such as full-time school and Vocational-Technical training. In addition to the fiscal support donors provide, tangible community support is critical to our residents’ self-perception. Many of our boys have internalized a belief that society is against them, and no one cares if they become another victim of the cycle of poverty and abuse. When they witness members of the community championing our program and their progress, however, it can transform this negative mindset and provide an avenue for them to form positive connections within the community.

A collage of different boys from Light House Ranch for Boys, some playing and learning guitar.
Open Quotes
A community that believes in our boys and shows that they care is a community that reaches our boys.
Closing Quotes
Danny Smith
Lighthouse Ranch for Boys Chief Executive Officer

A Haven

for Our Boys

Following thorough evaluation, research, and strategic planning, we are proud to announce our initiative to construct a new dormitory at the Lighthouse Ranch for Boys. This endeavor represents a significant step toward shaping the future and positively influencing the lives of young men in need. The new dormitory aims to be a secure haven where our boys can awaken to days brimming with possibilities and opportunities, empowering them to forge their own legacies.

The new facility, spanning 164’ x 86’ and totaling 14,104 square feet, is designed with careful consideration for both functionality and the well-being of our residents. Located strategically, the dormitory promises not only increased capacity, but also offer additional amenities to enrich the living experience.

Dimensions & Location

  • Size: 164’ x 86’ (14,104 square feet)
  • Height: 28 ft. at the highest point
  • Orientation: East to west, situated 30 ft. from the existing administrative building, facing Highway 443.

Bedrooms & Apartments

  • 18 bedrooms and 2 supervisor apartments
  • Initial Capacity: 16 residents with two emergency/maintenance bedrooms
  • Flexibility for future expansion due to changing federal restrictions.

Facility Configuration

  • Spacious laundry, large storage room, mechanical room
  • Sizeable front vestibule and side vestibule
  • Connected to the existing administrative building via a covered sidewalk.

Commons Room

  • Central meeting space/lounge (123 ft. x 45 ft., 5,535 square feet)
  • Equipped with electrical outlets, Wi-Fi, and provisions for video and other games. Focused on providing a versatile space for relaxation, games, and general assembly.

Tranquil Bedrooms

  • Bedrooms are arranged by the perimeter to ensure each room has a window.
  • Thoughtful design maximizes natural light to create a positive living environment.

Future-Ready Infrastructure

  • Adequate hallways with proper ingress and egress for safety and convenience.
  • Preparedness for potential future changes in federal regulations affecting residential programs.
The blueprint plans for the Building of Hope's layout
A model rendering of the new building

Your Support

Makes A Lifelong Impact

At Lighthouse Ranch for Boys, we recognize the weight of traumatic experiences carried by each young man who comes through our doors – from abuse to neglect and violence. Establishing trust in this new environment begins with providing a safe, private space. This crucial step paves the way for their success in our program.

By offering boys a space of their own, where they can feel safe, protected, and in control, we enable them to emotionally and physically release from the heightened state of survival. It's often the first time their minds and bodies can truly relax, allowing them to prepare for a future unburdened by past traumas.

Your support in building new dorms will save on maintenance costs and enhance living spaces. Improved lighting, larger communal areas, and brighter rooms will exponentially amplify the therapeutic impact on our residents.

Lighthouse Ranch for Boys is dedicated to transforming the lives of severely at-risk teens through a holistic approach. Your support is a vital catalyst in this transformative journey.

Join Us

In Making a Difference

The journey to recovery and empowerment starts with your support. By becoming a donor, you play a direct role in providing these boys with the sanctuary they need to overcome their past and build a brighter future. Join us in making a lasting impact on the lives of these young men. Your generosity will not only change their stories but contribute to the creation of responsible, productive men. Act now and be a beacon of hope for the boys of Lighthouse Ranch.

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There is a lot that needs to be accomplished during the different phases of our campaign, build and beyond. Volunteer your time or provide services individually or through your company or organization.

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Pathway to Success

Contributing to the enduring stability of a brick paver path can serve as a lasting tributeto a cherished individual, or as a symbol of your unwavering dedication to our boys at the Lighthouse Ranch for Boys.

Commemorative Brick Paver
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To purchase a brick paver, click below and you will be contacted by our team for information you’d like to include on your brick paver. Those who purchase a brick paver will be invited to an unveiling event of the Pathway to Success!

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