My name is Sawyer Cheesman. I was at Lighthouse Ranch from 2013 thru 2014. I came to the boys ranch having just completed and passed my 2nd attempt at 9th grade, after failing because of missed days in the aftermath of losing my mom in 2013. The ranch worked with me and gave me the blessings and opportunity to graduate from high school while I was there. 

I was an extremely lost soul when I arrived, broken and weak of mind, faith, and spirituality. I had been in a deep hole of self-hate and ridicule blaming myself for the problems and experiences in my life, and I discovered the Holy Spirit and found myself in the Lord and in my mind and soul. 

There was a very violent and dark hate and anger toward life and its circumstances that caused me to lash out at the simplest of things that pushed a proverbial button, that the Lord dealt with me on and moved me forward from the kid and eventual man I was becoming if I was not destined for a young grave. 

The Ranch staff and my re-found faith helped me learn the man I was meant to be and become, and I choose to be baptized in the Ranch’s home church. Through the Lord and the many words of wisdom from many and powerful men and women of God, I was blessed with not only mentors but lifelong friends that are like family within the Ranch staff and surrounding church family. 

Lighthouse Ranch for Boys saved a very lost soul when they chose to let me through the program. Without my experience there, I believe I was on a path to prison or much worse. I am forever grateful for my time at the Boys Ranch.