My name is Rev. Jared Miller. I was raised in a family with Godly principles and structure. At the young age of 13, I began to rebel against my family and Pastor, Rev. T.W. Barnes. 

By the time I was 17, I was a drug addict, thief, gang member and an alcoholic. I had been expelled from three schools, sent to an expulsion center and was expelled from there also. The structure that I needed, I couldn’t find it in any rehabilitation center, juvenile center or prison. I was running out of time and I was running out of hope. 

I finally found what I needed when I came to Lighthouse Ranch for Boys. The Ranch for me was more than just some place to send “bad boys”. It was a place where I could separate myself from a bad environment and find structure again. 

The Ranch helped me through the rest of my school years and I was able to graduate from High School. It’s been 15 years since I arrived at the ranch and I still find myself doing things that the ranch taught me to do. Like being proactive and not reactive, how to work through my emotions and respect others, and more importantly, how to have a true relationship with God. 

My family and I now pastor a church in Louisiana. Every day of my life, I thank God for Lighthouse Ranch. It was truly what I needed to get back on the right course. 

– Rev. Jared Miller