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Success Stories From The Ranch

See the impact the ranch has had on past students

Jared's Story

By the time I was 17, I was a drug addict, thief, gang member and an alcoholic. I had been expelled from three schools, sent to an expulsion center and was expelled from there also. The structure that I needed, I couldn’t find it in any rehabilitation center, juvenile center or prison. I was running out of time and I was running out of hope. I finally found what I needed when I came to Lighthouse Ranch for Boys.

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Dale's Story

Since I came to the Ranch, I have been able to reconnect with some of my family members, and heal. I am in the process of getting my driver license and preparing for life outside the ranch. I plan to attend college and major in computer graphics. I plan to remain connected with my Ranch family. Of all the gifts I have received while at the ranch, the most precious to me was to find out that God has a plan for me.

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Jeff's Story

After my parents were killed in a tragic car wreck, I became a resident at the Lighthouse Ranch for Boys and lived there from age 13-16. What I experienced in my life at the Ranch was life-changing and has impacted my life in a great way. The leaders left a great impression on me. We maintained a disciplined lifestyle and we were taught responsibility by our different daily activities at the Ranch. I was responsible to take care of animals at the Ranch including rabbits, cows, and my horse "Charlie". Determination and hard work paid off and helped make me the man that I am today. I highly recommend the Boys Ranch to all.

Sawyer's Story

My name is Sawyer Cheesman. I was at Lighthouse Ranch from 2013 thru 2014. I came to Boys Ranch having just completed and passed my 2nd attempt at 9th grade, after failing because of missed days in the aftermath of losing my mom in 2013 and the ranch worked with me and gave me the blessings and opportunity to graduate high school while I was there. 

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